Gemstone research is carried out through accurate measurement of gem material’s optical properties, meticulous microscopical observations of its internal characteristics, together with a series of sophisticated scientific methods, including Raman microspectrometry, UV/Vis and infrared spectroscopy, as well as X-ray fluorescence spectrometry. Collaboration with the Centre of Gemstone Research at the University Mainz provides DSEF German Gem Lab with further analytical methods such as LA-ICPMS for ultratrace analysis.

Numerous articles published in various international scientific and gemmological journals by DSEF German Gem Lab in conjunction with the German Gemmological Association underline the successful work of the lab. Amongst them are a number of important first descriptions of e.g. tanzanite, tsavolite, Paraiba-tourmaline including the determination of its origin, Mandarin garnet and Kashmir-peridot.